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In uncertain times it's important that we continue to communicate.

With modern technology we can continue to communicate without putting each other at risk.

We recently noticed a sharp rise in the requirement for fellow security installers and engineers to communicate their concerns.

Without anywhere to go, installers and engineers aren’t able to chat about potential jobs or where to order stock from.

Well there is a new group to help with that…

North West CCTV & Security Systems

A group for installers & engineers to chat, air concerns, talk shop and have a laugh.

There will also be technical support provided for those that need it…

...just another way the North West CCTV & Security Systems Group can keep your business running as smooth as ever…

...and keep you in the know.

Join the North West CCTV & Security Systems Group today, introduce yourself and your business and you’ll have the amazing opportunity to be part of a new online training scheme.

We have partnered with the guys at MaxxOne to provide you with groundbreaking technical training so that even on your down times, you can be keeping your knowledge up to date.

Click the link below and join the North West CCTV & Security Systems group today.

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